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Zippo lighter repairs, lifetime guarantee, warranty

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It works or we fix it free!

Here is the Zippo repair policy (taken from the most recent Zippo Lighter Collector's Guide).

Please note the finish of the lighter is NOT guaranteed.

If your Zippo lighter needs to be fixed, the case will be repaired and a new insert (the inside lighting mechanism) will be fitted into the lighter case.  The finish of the lighter is not guaranteed.  

To preserve the collectibility of your vintage Zippo windproof lighter, your original insert will be returned to you in the same condition as received.

Due to Postal regulations, Zippo no longer sends out shipping bags.

We suggest you send your lighter via an insured trackable method.  For safety, please remove the flint from the lighter and allow the fuel to evaporate for two to three days before mailing.  Your lighter will be returned at our expense.

Mail to:
Zippo Repair Clinic
1932 Zippo Drive
Bradford, PA 16701

Special Notes:

For a few days prior to sending your lighter please remove the inner mechanism from the outer case. This will allow for any resident fluid to evaporate. If your lighter is valuable or sentimental, you might want to insure it and / or register the mail.

Please write your name and address where you want the lighter returned both on the outside of the envelope or mailing bag AS WELL AS on a piece of paper together inside with the lighter. I suggest it be sent in a bubble envelope, with the lighter first wrapped in newspaper, to protect it during shipping.

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Zippo Lighters have been guaranteed for the life of the lighter since 1932. Zippo's motto has always been, "if your lighter doesn't work, we
 fix your lighter free!" The Zippo Manufacturing Company repairs thousands of Zippos every year, all free of charge.
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