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Picture Zippo Number Lighter Description Price
200C 487 Colt
Brush Chrome
200C 617 Colt
Pewter Emblem
Brush Chrome
204BC 618 Colt Brass Emblem
Brush Brass
250C 615 Colt Peacemaker
High Polish Chrome
254BC 616 Colt and Sam Colt
High Polish Brass

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Zippo Lighters Home Page

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Zippo honors the fine workmanship and tradition of the Sam Colt firearms with these lighters. The Peacemaker pistol and the Colt logo are graphically presented on each Zippo lighter. Great men's gifts and Zippo lighters are here. aadvwtfzgALL, aadvwtfzgCOLT01, Smokerstuff. The Colt pistol is a tradition of the early American wild west. Zippos, lighters, new lighters and collectible Zippo lighters at their best. Firearms memorabilia, Colt Zippo lighters, Colt Zippo lighters, and Colt Zippo lighters.

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