Joe Camel Zippo lighters and collectible Camel Zippos at discount prices

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These Camel Zippos are limited, so please e-mail and check first
for availability before ordering. All lighters are in MINT condition!

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Picture Item Number Zippos Description Zippos Price
slim rose gold C50 Slim ROSE GOLD
1999 Camel Cash


Joe brass emblem C51 Brass JOE Camel
1992 Camel Cash
Very minor tarnishing - NEW

Initials on this one: TWK

1 Available!

wings Zippos C52 Black Matte
1995 Camel Cash
Gold Wings
2 Available!

Shipping $3.00 each

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Cigarette Advertising Zippos

Zippos featuring Camel advertising have been made over the past 10 or so years. There are well over 150 different Zippos featuring Camel designs and logos. Collectors around the world have taken an interest in these Zippos, especially since Joe Camel's image may no longer be used in advertising and on any Zippos. It is possible that Zippos will also be prohibited from using ANY camel design or logo by the end of this year due to litigation with the major tobacco companies. This has caused an increase in interest in Zippos with Camel designs, because of Joe's forced retirement.

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