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Smokerstuff domain and business are FOR SALE

In business since 1999 with many millions of hits, and even though we have been closed for over a year, we still get plenty of hits, and STILL have high rankings on many of the search engines for MANY keyword combinations.

I never implemented a shopping cart, and never expanded the product catalog past a bare minimum. If someone decided to do these things, with an existing domain that already enjoys exposure and frequent HITS, you would have a great head start as compared with starting a "new" business from scratch. Or, add this domain to an already existing business and domain. The search engines give EXTRA ranking to those sites that have been indexed for the longest! Knifestuff has been around for a LONG time. You could NEVER start a NEW web site and get anywhere near the high search engine rankings.

I could connect you with all the major wholesale outlets.

The business is NOT currently in operation, and has no recent sale history.

Sister company, "Knifestuff", is also for sale.

"Discount Zippo Lighters" appears as NUMBER 4 and NUMBER 5 (Page 1) in Google search (try it).

"Discount Zippos" appears as NUMBER 7 on Page 1 in Google (out of 5,950,000 results).

"Discount Camel Zippo" is NUMBER 1 on Page 1!

" Camel Zippo Lighters" takes positions NUMBER 3, 4 and 5 on Page 1 (out of 44,200 results)!

camel zippo lighters

Contact me at ONLY regarding sale of business and domain:


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Smokerstuff carries the entire Zippo lighters catalog plus an extensive selection of unique special imprint lighters and hard-to-find collectibles. Great gift ideas include Zippo money clips, and tape measures. We are always adding new Zippo items so bookmark this page and check back with us often. If there is an item you don't see please call us at (423) 625-4083 or e-mail us at above address.
Over 250 special imprint non-catalog Zippos
We have arranged with numerous distributors to carry an extensive line of unique lighter designs and topics.

Various Camel Zippo lighters from the catalog, Camel Cash and limited edition prints from the RJR Tobacco Company employee store in North Carolina.

Get a large glossy Zippo Lighters product catalog.

Every Zippo product is covered by the famous Lifetime Guarantee, and any item sent is repaired absolutely free of charge!

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